VPNSuper links your subscription to the email address you used to purchase it on the Play Store. To unlock Premium features on your TV, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in with the Correct Email: Make sure you're logged in to the same Google account (email address) on your Android TV that you used to purchase the VPNSuper subscription on the Play Store. This email should be your primary account on the TV.
  2. Restart or Reinstall (if necessary): Once you've confirmed you're logged in with the correct email,  restart the VPNSuper app on your TV.  In some cases, reinstalling the app might also be necessary.
  3. Automatic Detection: If your subscription is active and you're logged in with the correct email, the app should automatically detect your Premium status after a restart or reinstall.

Additional Tips:

  • Multiple Emails? Check Your Primary: If you have multiple Google accounts logged in on your TV, ensure the email used for the VPNSuper purchase is set as the primary account (the first logged-in email). This is crucial for automatic detection of your subscription.
  • Subscription Status: If you're unsure about your subscription status, you can check it on your smartphone or computer by accessing the Play Store with the same email you used for the purchase.