Uninstalling the VPNSuper app won't affect your device's overall functionality or internet access. Here's what happens:

  • Back to Basics: Your internet connection and device settings will return to their default state, just like before you installed the app.
  • Local Info Removed: Any VPN settings or preferences you saved within the app will be removed from your device.
  • Account Stays Active:  Don't worry, uninstalling the app doesn't affect your VPN account or subscription with VPNSuper. Your account details and subscription status are safe on their servers until your plan expires.
  • Reinstall and Resume: If you decide to use VPNSuper again later, simply reinstall the app and log in with your existing account information. You'll be able to pick up right where you left off and continue enjoying the benefits of your VPN subscription.

In short, uninstalling the app removes the VPN functionality from your device, but your VPN account and subscription remain active until the end of your plan.