Traveling abroad and missing your favorite shows from back home? Streaming services often restrict access based on your location. Here's what's happening and how a VPN can help:

The Problem:

Many streaming services use your device's location (usually through your IP address) to determine what content you can access. Since you're abroad, the service thinks you're not in your home country and blocks access to your usual library.

The Solution: VPNSuper Premium Servers

VPNSuper offers premium servers specifically designed to help you access streaming services from your home country even when you're abroad. Here's what to do:

1. Upgrade to VPNSuper Premium:  Free VPNSuper servers might not have the features needed to bypass streaming service restrictions. Upgrading to a premium plan unlocks access to these specialized servers. 

2. Connect to a "Streaming" Server:  Look for servers with the label "(Streaming)" next to their location name. These servers are optimized for accessing streaming services. For example, try connecting to "UK London (Streaming)" to access UK content.

3. Consider "P2P" Servers (for specific services):  Some streaming services might also restrict content based on Peer-to-Peer (P2P) activity. If you encounter issues with a particular service, try connecting to a server with the "(P2P)" label, such as "Canada Montreal (P2P) #2."

Important Note:

The availability of these specialized servers can vary depending on your location and VPNSuper's service offerings.