VPNSuper allows you to mark frequently used servers as favorites for easier access. Here's how:

Adding a Server to Favorites:

  1. Open the App and Choose Location: Launch the VPNSuper app and tap on "Select Location" or a similar option to view the server list.
  2. Find Your Server: Use the search bar to find the specific server location (Premium or Basic) you want to favorite.
  3. Mark as Favorite: Locate the star icon (?) or "Favorite" tab (depending on the app version) next to the server name and tap on it to add it to your favorites list. 

Accessing Favorite Servers:

  • Go to Servers: Navigate back to the server list or "Select Location" section.
  • Find Favorites: Look for the "Favorites" option or a dedicated "Favorites" tab within the server list.
  • Your Favorite List: This section will display all the servers you've marked as favorites, allowing you to easily connect to them.

By following these steps, you can personalize your VPNSuper experience by creating a list of preferred server locations for quick and convenient connections.