VPNSuper on android offers a variety of server options to cater to different user needs. Let's explore them:

  • Optimal Location:This user-friendly feature automatically selects the fastest server based on your current location and network. It simplifies server selection and ensures a smooth, optimized experience – all for free!
  • Premium Servers: These servers offer top-tier performance and security features. To learn more about the benefits of Premium Servers, check out this article: What makes premium subscription servers a standout option?
  • Basic Servers: These reliable servers provide a balanced experience for standard VPN usage. 
  • Favorites: Mark frequently used servers as favorites for quick access. This article provides insights on managing favorites: How do I include a location or servers in my favorites and search within my server list?

Selecting the Best Server:

Consider your priorities:

  • Need for speed?- Prioritize Optimal Location or Premium Servers.
  • Enhanced security a must? - Opt for Premium Servers.
  • Standard VPN usage? - Basic Servers are a great choice.


  • You can mark preferred locations as favorites for easier access.
  • This flexibility in server options empowers you to tailor your VPNSuper connection to perfectly match your specific needs and preferences.