Choosing Your Connection:

  1. Launch the App: Open the VPNSuper app. 
  2. Optimal Location (Free): For a quick and automatic connection to the fastest server, tap "Optimal Location." This is a free feature that eliminates the need for manual server selection.
  3. Manual Server Selection (Subscription Required): If you have a Basic or Premium subscription, you can choose a specific server. Use the search bar to find a location or browse the server list.

Connecting to a Chosen Server:

  1. Tap Your Server: Simply tap on the desired server location from the list.
  2. Connection Confirmation: The "Connect" button will activate, and the app will begin the connection process.
  3. Successful Connection: Once connected, you'll see a checkmark (✔️) icon next to the server location indicating a successful connection.

Now you're ready to browse securely and freely with VPNSuper!

Additional Notes:

  • You can skip the initial download link and VPN tracking prompt steps as they are part of the app installation process. 
  • Consider mentioning that a subscription is required for manual server selection beyond the "Optimal Location" feature.