Welcome to VPNSuper! Exploring Features for New Users 

Excited to try VPNSuper on your iPhone or iPad? We've got you covered!

Special 3-Day Free Trial:

As a first-time user, you get a complimentary 3-day free trial to experience everything VPNSuper offers. This applies to all subscription plans, including:

  • Basic Servers (Monthly or Yearly)
  • Premium Streaming (Monthly or Yearly)

This trial period lets you test the app's features, speed, and performance before committing to a paid plan.

Features to Explore During Your Trial:

  • Secure and Encrypted Connection: Encrypt your internet traffic and shield your online activity with military-grade encryption.
  • Enhanced Privacy: Protect your online identity and browse privately by masking your IP address.
  • Bypass Geo-Restrictions: Access websites and content that might be blocked in your region.
  • Multiple Server Locations: Connect to a wide range of servers around the world for optimal performance.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Enjoy a simple and intuitive app design for easy navigation.

Important Note:

  • The 3-day free trial can only be used once per user.

Easy Cancellation:

  • No worries if you decide VPNSuper isn't the right fit. You can effortlessly cancel your trial directly within the app's Account settings to avoid any charges.

Ready to Explore?

  • Download the VPNSuper app today and embark on your secure and private browsing journey with our generous 3-day free trial! 
  • Do you have any questions about specific features you'd like to explore during your trial? We're happy to help! - Email:support@vpnproxymaster.app.