Absolutely! VPNSuper puts you in control of your connection. Here's how to choose your server location on iPhone:

  1. On the VPNSuper home screen, look for the "Select Location" button at the bottom.
  2. Tap "Select Location" to see a list of available servers. Each server is identified by its country flag and a short name.
  3. Pick the server location you want to connect to by simply tapping on it. VPNSuper will connect automatically.

Bonus Tip:  You might also see a "Recently Used" server location displayed above the "Connect" button on the home screen. This lets you quickly reconnect to a server you used before.

Don't worry about memorizing server locations! VPNSuper's server list is based on user demand and is constantly growing to provide the best possible connections around the world. You'll find the complete list conveniently within the app.

With VPNSuper, you can choose the location that best suits your needs!